Time to sweat it out



Tru offers a variety of fitness classes to suit your mood and or your goals. Whether your goals are weight loss, toning or building strength and endurance our staff of trainers can assist you in your goals. We know how busy life can be, so we keep that in the forefront when designing our schedule. All our classes are led by certified instructors with the aim of maximizing your results. During our small classes our expert instructors will guide you in proper technique and alignment. Small town feel, and comradery will keep your workouts fun and motivating. At TRU we know if it isn’t fun you won’t keep it up.

Tru Cycle

Spin classes are an excellent way to boost your cardiovascular endurance and torch calories. Every spin class you are in the driver’s seat. You control your pace and the resistance on your bike. You work as hard as you want. It is you vs you. This is an excellent low impact alternative to running and high impact activities. Loose yourself in the beat of the music and let it push you to new limits. Beginners to advance cyclists are welcome at every class. The most important this is that you have fun and you set goals for yourself.

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